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8225016931_31322ea202_bThe long time Culver City landmark Tito’s Tacos has been caught in a sudden gust of bad publicity over their antipathy towards CicLAvia, the big bike event this Sunday putting cars off the streets so bikes can ride free. While the controversy is only in regard to the owner’s perspective that customers in come cars and a lack of cars will lead to a lack of customers, there’s another more crucial issue at stake.

I’m a great believer in shopping local. Avoid the chains, stay away from corporate retail, and support the folks who live in your community. But when Shop Local runs right into the Intersection of Vote with Your Wallet, that’s where I turn. I’m not supporting locals who don’t give good service,  or good products. I’m really not interested in supporting local businesses who can’t seem to be a part of the community they profit from.

I’ve stopped eating at a favorite restaurant over the info that the employees are being treated badly. I have not yet done the research over if the treatment is actually illegal, but I’m not putting money in the pockets of someone who abuses their employees. Where did I hear about these employment practices? Locals.Who work there. My dollar is my vote.

Tito’s Tacos has never been my favorite restaurant. I can’t say I gave up on the place because of politics, although I’ doubt I could find any common political ground.  I just don’t think much of the quality of their food. When you can spend money at a business that supports the things that you think are important, why support people who think their interests are more important that everyone else’s ?

While most of us have been part of a boycott at some time or another, you may never have heard of a girlcott- That’s where you go out and spend on the things you want to see more of, and the businesses that support what you think should be supported.

CicLAvia? Yes, please more of that. How about taking the price of two tacos and donating it to www.ciclavia.org ?

That is how to vote with your wallet. Tell them you took a turn at the crossroads.


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  1. Great points Judith. Good businesses think about their communities pitch in sometimes.

  2. Honestly I’ve never understood the great crowds of people waiting to order food there, but then I don’t eat beef and their chicken and/or veg dishes aren’t very good. And I’ve had to negotiate some unpleasant street crowding on a few occasions, cars waiting to get into parking lot (to be fair, this doesn’t happen very often). Because of those times, I found it ironic that they were opposed to such a positive event.

    And I must say I like the notion of girlcotting. Hadn’t heard of that term before and it’s a good one.

  3. Thanks for the great idea! And Kay n Daves has fantastic food and donates generously to Culver schools… They get our taco dollars!

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