Candidates McVarish and Burke Announce for School Board Race

ae0b482e549ad36e21cb60626f857a04Culver City parent leaders Scott McVarish (pictured left)  and Anne Burke (pictured below with Leslie Gardiner and Jody Reichel)  declare their candidacy for the November 3rd school board election in Culver City.

“Creating great schools is a team effort. We currently have a leadership team in this district that is working very well together and making significant improvements to our schools. Scott and I have a great working relationship with these leaders and hope to serve with them on the Board,” said candidate Anne Burke.

“There is nothing more important to us than the experience students have in their schools and the education and opportunities provided to them by the district. We have deep, personal connections to how our district educates students. As parent leaders in this district for most of this decade, we are in our schools on a daily basis and see their successes and challenges” McVarish and Burke stated in a joint media release.

“We are ready to work together with our excellent school board colleagues and administrative staff and 11800089_10153493392644524_8187833806278968520_nour hard-working and dedicated teachers to keep focusing on the only question that matters to us: what is best for our district’s kids?” stated candidate Scott McVarish.

Outgoing School Board member Laura Chardiet, Chair of the McVarish-Burke campaign, states: “We support McVarish and Burke because we know they will work well with our current district and school leadership; they greatly respect our teachers; and they will continue to inspire our parents.”


Scott McVarish is a Parent and Teacher Advocate whose sole focus is on what is best for kids. He is co-founder of the United Parents of Culver City, a long-time youth volleyball coach and a volunteer at El Marino who loves to read to the students, especially his wonderful daughter who is one year away from Culver City Middle School. He is also an advocate and attorney for teachers and other employees as well as immigrant parents and children.

Anne Burke is a Parent Leader in our district having served as the PTA President of El Marino Language School and on the Council PTA for the entire district. She was a key leader in both the passage of the District Facilities Bond and the formation of the United Parents of Culver City. She has a daughter in 2nd grade and a son one year away from Culver City Middle School.

11223744_982105458478197_1881736870505593488_nThe kickoff for the McVarish-Burke joint campaign is August 9th, 3 pm at Mike Cohen’s house. The candidates will host a campaign party on September 13th at 1 pm at Lindbergh Park.

McVarish and Burke are running for the two open seats on the Governing Board of Education for the Culver City Unified School District. They are, at this point in time, the only two declared candidates.

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  1. The deadline to file for candidacy in our November 3 election is Friday August 7, with a possible extension until August 12. If no other candidates file during this time, we will have a very peaceful election season. In fact, we may not actually have an election.

    Even if there is no election, the citizens of Culver City always need to know more about their school board, and that is why I am so grateful to you for posting this article, Judith — personally and on behalf of the League of Women Voters.

    As committed as I am to informing voters, I will be happy not to have to organize a full-scale LWV candidate forum. At the same time, however, I want everyone to know that there are other ways that the League can help candidates spread the word about their campaigns. Our award-winning website,, will be available for candidates to post their campaign info.

    I look forward to whatever the November 3 election season may bring.

    Frances Talbott-White, Co-chair
    Culver City Unit, LWV Los Angeles

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