Dear Editor – Senior Center Signage

Light-bulb-0003-300x198My first visit to the Culver City Senior Center was a pleasant surprise. It offers a wealth of information activities and information.

At the time when I paid the class fee there was no mention of a need for a permit. I assumed my handicapped placard issued by the DMV was ‘the permit’ mentioned on signs in the parking area. But after the session, I discovered that my car had been ticketed.

Today I revisited the site to get an explanation. It seems that signs say ‘permit required.’ So I went into the Senior Center and asked about the permit situation.

The entrance guard sent me to Veterans’ Building for information, at but it was empty. I return to the Center, first to the empty front desk, then to the ‘main’ desk. Both areas displayed no signs or explanations on the desks nor at any of the nearby bulletin boards. The clerk said that the Center required their own permits and these could be obtained from her, so I paid the $18 for membership and parking.

The system is confusing. It should be transparent. It disrespects seniors – providing no information. CCMC 7.03.23S should assist, not encumber seniors.

The Center should be required to display a large, clear sign indicating that visitors should check in with the main desk to receive membership and parking information. Or permits should be available for sale at kiosks in the lot or even on-line.

Rebecca Penso

The Actors' Gang

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