“June” Gets Sunday Screening Before Heading to Film Fest

10954484_986824684662379_8697201659006741546_nWhat inspires a girl to make a film? It might be a love of the medium, a fascination with ghost stories, an itch to get creative, or all of the above. You can find out at the screening of “June” this Sunday, June 14, 2015 at El Marino Elementary School at 11450 Port Rd. Admission is free, but donations are welcome – they are part of the budget taking “June” to FilmQuest.

Graduating CCMS 8th grader Keely Martin is looking forward to being in the AVPA Film Classes, but she’s not waiting to get started – she co-wrote and directed a short film that’s been accepted at the FilmQuest Film Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 21, 2015. Keely co-wrote the film last summer  with her friend Maggie Lezcano, who co-stars in the film with Sudevi Graham, Ellowyn Stanton, and Farragut PTA President Bronwen Hunter.

“June” is a half-hour tale of an interestingly haunted house, and Keely’s admiration for Hitchock-style suspense flows through every frame. A brief interview with Keely Martin revealed a bit about the budding film maker and her vision.

What interests you most about film making? I love the idea of having an exact vision of what you want and then seeing it come to life on a big screen. Even though it takes a lot of work, it pays off once you see it all come together.

 Is horror your favorite genre? I don’t really have a favorite genre of movies, but I really love horror. I think horror is the most experimental movie genre because there aren’t really any rules, you just have to make it creepy. I love when a movie makes me sit at the edge of my seat with my blanket halfway over my eyes.

 How did you decide to cast this film? My cowriter, Maggie Lezcano, already had the part. We had made little short films in the past and I knew that she could do a great job. Ellowyn Stanton had played a creepy girl in another short that I made and I thought that she would be perfect for the part of Ellie. Sudevi Graham’s long hair and tall stature already bought her the role of June. Bronwen is my neighbor and also a working actress, so I asked her if she would like to play the mom and she agreed.

What are you thinking of for your next project? I think I want to experiment with different genres, but I still like using the idea of spirits and ghosts. I have an idea involving the afterworld that is more of a drama than anything. You’ll see.

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