Dear Editor – Mansionization


I am a Culver City resident and one of the many residents concerned with the burgeoning number of over-sized home’s being constructed in some of our neighborhoods. We believe there is a serious need for the City to re-examine our outdated residential zoning codes. Our current codes do not properly address these homes, which are negatively impacting the character of our community, as well as diminishing their neighbors’ right to privacy, sunlight and enjoyment. Many neighborhoods in LA have already adjusted their zoning to address the problem — pushing even more home developers/speculators into Culver City.

On June 14th @ 7pm in the Veterans Building (Overland and Culver), we will be holding a community meeting to address the growing concern. It would be great to be able to announce this to your readership, as I am sure many are interested in community matters. (It is also worth noting that at the Monday, June 8th City Council meeting, the Council will be having a formal discussion on “mansionization” — Item A-1 of

I have attached a flyer for the June 14th discussion and welcome all members of the Culver City community to attend. (I also pasted the info below).

Iain Gulin

The Actors' Gang

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