Healthy Homes (and Why You Want One)

people_friendly_streetspace_drawing There is a game changing campaign going on in Culver City, and if you are a homeowner looking to upgrade your residence, help the environment and save money, then you want to be a part of this.

Rima Snyder, a homeowner in Lindberg Park, was very happy with the energy saving work she had done through the Healthy Homes program shortly after buying her house. “The insulation keeps everything really temperate, so we are very comfortable without running air conditioning or heat.” While there were a number of energy upgrades she was happy to have installed, her feeling was that the top of the list was insulation. “It really makes the biggest difference. You can feel how comfortable it is.” As a professional sound engineer, she also appreciated the impact on the noise level.  “I could notice the kids getting out of school, but I generally don’t unless I’m looking in that direction. It’s pretty great.”

Even more enthusiam came from Cynthia Spellman, who sold her Culver City home for a very nice price after getting the Healthy Homes energy upgrades several years ago said “I had a home that was built in the 40’s and just never felt at ease with it.  I did a package with the insulation (walls and ceiling), got a new water heater and put in all new energy efficient windows. It radically changed the energy of the house, both the physical and social energy of the house, in ways I almost can’t put words to. I would walk into the house and just love the feeling. I couldn’t even believe that I had waited to do this.”

Spellman was effusive. “With all of the rebates, it it cost me so little, and the difference was mind blowing. I work from home, and the sound of the house changed. The change was just amazing on every level. The amount of money that I saved on electricity bills and the like was just the icing on the cake. You will literally have a new home.”

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