Dear Editor – ‘Seymour’ Film Gets Rave from CCSO

Light-bulb-0003-300x198Dear Editor,

Last night I watched the movie “Seymour: An Introduction.” There are few movies on Classical Music which are true to the art, and its craft. This is one.

Seymour Bernstein is a pianist who in the midst of successful and highly critically acclaimed performing career retired in his fifties, and then sought a life of solitude in his one-room Manhattan apartment to study music, compose, write books and teach.

This film, directed by Ethan Hawke, through Bernstein’s playing the piano and dialogue of hard-fought geo design 1wisdom on music and life, is a lesson on how music can affect one’s life, and the interconnectedness of music and life. The score is piano music for the ages, particularly Bernstein’s performance of Schumann towards the end.

If you are a pianist, or an instrumentalist, on any level, this movie is a Master Class with benefits on how to approach that art and the pursuit of that craft. Bernstein’s life, and lessons, lead towards a deeper meaning of music for the musician. The Bernstein’s sage advice gives lessons towards a better performance, and really, a better life.

Unless a movie makes gobs of money these days, they don’t stick around long in theaters. I saw it at the Landmark Theaters, Pico and Westwood, West Los Angeles. It is also showing at the Laemmle, Pasadena. For box office revenue, it’s a movie on Classical Music, it is not “The Transformers.” Who knows how long this movie will be in the theaters.

You may wish to check it out.

Matthew Hetz,

Executive Director/President

Culver City Symphony Orchestra

The Actors' Gang

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