Walk With a Doc – Measles Info Feb. 21

Tablet-MeaslesReady for the next Walk With a Doc ? Have you sneakers by the door for Saturday, February 21, at Vets Park. Dr. Jeff Penso will discuss: The Meaning of Measles.
The measles virus lives in the nose and throat of an infected person and is highly contagious. 90 percent of exposed people who are not immune will become infected. Victims get high fever, then a rash. Measles can cause severe complications, like pneumonia and encephalitis (brain infection.) This can lead to death. There is no treatment. However children who are vaccinated (MMR vaccine) are at very low risk, especially if they receive 2 doses prior to kindergarten age. Many parents have been wary of vaccines because of a 1998 study that claimed to link the MMR vaccine to autism. The article was bogus; it was retracted in 2010 and the author, an English physician lost his medical license.

The recent Disneyland outbreak resulted from an exposed population of unvaccinated children. This has given many parents and doctors great concern. When introduced into low immunity groups, measles and other infections can be very deadly. These germs wiped out 95 percent of Native Americans after the arrival of Europeans to the New World. It is incumbent on physicians and nurses to better educate our friends and families and ensure the protection of all of our children.

Get a bit of education and some great excercise. Warm-up and stretching with Brandon Webb will precede the walk.

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