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Golden-New-Year-Goat-2015Happy lunar new year Gung Xi Fa Cai

Sin Hai Jong Geng (wishing you good health)

Wan Shi Ru Yi (may everything go according to your wishes)

As I write this it is the eve of the lunar Chinese New Year 2015, the year of the Yin Wood Sheep.   It is said that the Japanese and Chinese celebrate the Sheep, the Vietnamese the Goat, Korea and Mongolia, the Sheep or Ram.  But they are all celebrated:  the sheep, the goat, and the ram —  it is the 8th sign of the Asian zodiac and the lunar celebration begins February 19th.

In anticipation of the celebration I have been cleaning and prepping the house as have my daughter and husband.  My daughter is back here in Los Angeles, and its time for her to clear and change her room to begin her new adventures.

My husband’s television of 27 years sits in the front of our home waiting to be picked up by the city.  All of us feel the energy change, and we are ready to invite the New Year to our home.

Tonight the three of us will do the Golden Cicada cure, to bring in the New Year to welcome the deities of the heaven and earth beginning at midnight.  We will do it again, again, again, and again in the next month to ensure good luck comes to our home.  We also do it to ensure we have the courage to face disappointment, rejection, and loss because these too are all part of living.    We will welcome the wealth gods to our home, beginning in the West this year, and then we will welcome the wealth gods from all compass directions.

I have also brought flowers and plants to our house, to encourage growth and sustenance – filling our home with narcissus, orchids and bamboo, and I have bowls of oranges and tangerines representing money and wealth for the coming year, and apples symbolizing health and safety.

The New Year celebration will last for 15 days and will officially end with the lantern festival on March 3rd.

And remember, traditionally everyone should get a charm to bring optimum good fortune in the new year – remember this year’s protective animal is the Horse, so be sure and display the Sheep (Goat, Ram) but carry a Horse amulet with you.

Wishing you Happy Lunar New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai, Gong Hey Fat Choy, and good feng shui,

Janet Mitsui Brown

The Actors' Gang

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