Feng Shui for Our Special Dog

f2piYtOGR6BY1k-4KMWg4FGWcZZNZWaadvnHU2hYNONdFAuoQSg42CCS8aImTPj1uGc_c-Z_OgndcxqtQ7VLYkfRpMd8F3AFEcUH9dIeFDJu7Tzm-rGfvtqd9KMG4vkm8ZT7yFbyBcwGI9AsqiHlXohyqqUPwyxQtiapMKmlblsN6wsbzQXzcOMvJEu_pTastc5hIXxutYbvwCK-o8T9eThis is January 2015, and we are nearing the solar new year February 4th. During this time there are many energy transitions occurring, and I can feel it strong in our home.

We have a 17 year old dog, who is in a major transition. His name is Joey, and we brought him up here. He was up for adoption when he was one month old at a pet store, and I brought him home as a present to my husband and daughter, who was nine at the time. Joey was adorable – even though our first Christmas he peed and pooped under our Christmas tree. As the years went by we rebuilt and remodeled our home, and he was always by our side. He became best friends with my husband, an actor, and the two of them stayed up countless nights together, with his bed in “man’s world,” my husband’s office. He was the baby dog to another dog we had named Fred, and a cat named Puff. Then he was the companion dog to our other adopted dog, JD. He then became the older dog to baby dog Shiro – he still is, and now he is the older dog to our youngest dog, Kuro. So Joey played a significant part in our life here in Mar Vista. But now, he is an aged dog. He cannot see well anymore, nor can he hear well, and he has trouble walking. My husband is now his caregiver. Every morning my husband wakes up, and cleans Joey’s bowel movement and pee in “man’s world,” and gives Joey a massage and welcomes him for another day. He then hand feeds Joey and moves Joey outside to a special pillow he has set up for him so Joey can enjoy the warmth of the day & sun. My husband is like this – he is a special dog whisperer.

All of our pets lived to a ripe age with us – and died naturally on our property. In fact our dog JD died in my husband’s arms. When the animal dies, my husband gives the animal a bath and blow-dries its fur, for its dignity. The pet is then picked up by the pet crematorium.

My husband works with our pets in transition and it is a special gift; he gives life to an end – just like as an actor, he gives life to his characters. I feel blessed to have all our pets, and to share this life with them, and with my husband, and daughter.

Happy 2015 to you all,

Janet Mitsui Brown, www.thejoyoffengshui.com

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