Lisa Schultz’s Peace Project Looks Back at a Globally Successful Year

1419905286629-z07q8u915hl-17e1bc4d3010d81d7f480f9eadc40a0cCulver City has a unique art gallery that is one small piece of a global project, and the art of community has reaped some very tangible benefits this past year from Lisa Schultz’s Whole 9 on Main Street, the home of the Peace Project.

Schultz looked back at many of the events and projects of 2014 and thanked supporters for the success in building houses in the typhoon stripped area of the Philippines.

In November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan (the strongest wind ever to hit land) blew across the Philippines, leaving 6,000+ dead and a million homeless. This catastrophe catalyzed The Peace Project and they began work to design a house that had $500 in building supplies that could be built in less than a day.

After months of raising money, refining the  housing design, dealing with land and customs issues, they built their first house on Bantayan Island in the Philippines on October 7.

Schultz offered “With a tiny crew and the community of Tabunok working their hearts out beside us, we completed the 40th and final house in this community 30 days later on Typhoon Haiyan’s anniversary on November 8. I invite you to take a look at an awesome :20 video that chronicles this build.” Click here for

Shortly after completing these houses, they  built communal restrooms and are planning to build the first Peace Center in Tabunok.  Schultz notes that “From this community center, we’ll grow the cooperative we’ve already started that is selling rice and corn grits to other community members and will put proceeds back into the community for future emergencies. The community center will also host vocational training, micro-financing, and a Farmer’s Market which will sell organic fruits and vegetables from gardens that were planted throughout Tabunok — all designed to bring abundance into the community and turn a tragedy into a remarkable opportunity.”

Click here to learn more about The Peace Center

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