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Water-slider-V1_2Cities are considering daily water allocation as a way to reduce water waste. By using an “allocation based rate structure” users that use more water than deemed necessary may find that they will pay much more.

The formula would rely heaily on number of people in a household through census records but also can include aerial photography and satellite imagery and even medical needs to determine a property’s projected efficient water usage.

Santa Monica is considering a 68 gallons per-person-per-capita for every single-family home with four people. The state data shows that July usage was 123 gallons per person /day but estimates to the City Council have been at 88 gallons.

Sacramento, Santa Cruz and Irvine are other communities looking to budget.

The state water board has been collecting data from local water agencies and in October hope to release a report how much water per person per day residents of the state are using.

In actuality, they have already collected sufficient raw data from 362 of the states 414 water agencies for the months of June and July to calculate per capita usage. This is a summary of per person/per day water usage in greater Los Angeles County. The September data will be released soon.

Culver City is around the State average at 133 gallons.

Here’s a list of local cities ranked by their usage rate.

Supplier Name Per capita
California Water Service – East Los Angeles 55
Compton City of 64
Golden State Water Company Bell-Bell Gardens 66
Golden State Water Company Florence Graham 70
Inglewood City of 70
Pomona City of 74
Golden State Water Company S San Gabriel 87
San Diego City of 87
Long Beach City of 91
Hawthorne City of 92
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power 94
California Water Service Company Hermosa/Redondo 105
Glendale City of 115
Santa Monica City of 123
Manhattan Beach City of 125
Culver City 133
Burbank City of 145
Pasadena City of 150
Thousand Oaks City of 156
California-American Water Company Los Angeles District 168
South Pasadena City of 179
Torrance City of 185
Los Angeles County Public Works Waterworks District 29 ( Malibu/ Topanga)
California Water Service Company Palos Verdes 273
Beverly Hills City of 292
Las Virgenes Municipal Water District 297

Note about the data: This is derived from the State Water Board from water providers. Even though the water providers don’t calculate per capita use, they provide the values which make it possible to calculate.
( Monthly Gallons * % used by Residences) / Total Population Served / Days in Month

Not all water providers gave data. That’s why you see blank areas in the map ( see below) .

Go to – www.google.com/fusiontables/embedviz?q=select+col26+from+1Exky3ZDNGDFLFD7STtuNB5lo0GBuKGKUDAKT4oNX&viz=MAP&h=false&lat=34.10594446689925&lng=-118.34599901440409&t=1&z=11&l=col26&y=2&tmplt=2&hml=KML

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