Ruth’s Truths – Ruth Morris

-1Ode to Catalina Island

Blue, white, terra cotta, teak, green and blue.
The only colors that my eyes can see,
As I sit looking out from my perch
On Santa Catalina Island.

When I was five, my dad carried me back from our day trip
In a plaid duffel bag, because I’d fallen asleep
I got a necklace with a black, shiny stone.
On Santa Catalina Island.

The one place I could take my kids by myself at first.
I brought them here summer after summer,
And it became our special place.
Our Santa Catalina Island.

We created memories and traditions like karaoke at El Galleon
Antonio’s pizza: peanuts on the floor and draft root beer
And the kids playing miniature golf on their own
On Santa Catalina Island.

Fall in love with the lazy little town on the crescent bay,
Where you can do almost everything just in one day.
Dance on the beach at Descanso Beach
On Santa Catalina Island.

Why does Dreyer’s Ice Cream taste so much better at Big Olaf’s?
We’ve pondered not coming, due to budget of time or money,
But the solace and satisfaction draws us here yet again
To Santa Catalina Island.

We alight from the boat and go straight in to ingest and imbibe.
Then, many hours spent staring, at the sparkling panorama
Awaken to the sounds of the golf carts revving
On Santa Catalina Island.

Palm trees everywhere, sailboats zipping back and forth
Choices of dinner spots to show off your summer clothes
Boutiques with beaucoup baubles to buy
On Santa Catalina Island.

Every time we come, I end up snapping the same pictures,
Because that’s why we come here year after year,
To see and do like we like it when we’re
At Santa Catalina Island.

As you view, the bluest of blue, peaking from every corner,
The best part is the total escape from stress and worry.
At least for the precious time you are nestled
On Santa Catalina Island.

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