California’s Tallest Parking Restriction Sign – Now in Culver City

10617675_780194215352375_1192745250_n Yes, this is a parking sign- It’s also an eye test, an I.Q. test and a public source of amusement. If you are in the vicinity of Linwood E. Howe, you might have to stop your car, get out and do a few minutes worth of reading to figure out what, where, why, when and how.

These parking signs went up last night (August 21, 2014) supposedly to proclaim the new valet parking program for the elementary school, but if you are on you way there learn how to read, it’s a fairly daunting obstacle.

Did you need another reason to walk, bike or ride your scooter to school? Here it is – fifteen feet tall and in all the colors of the rainbow.

Let’s save the reading tests for the classrooms…

Update – Signs have been trimmed down as of 8/24, and the first day of school will be easier to navigate –

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  1. Mayor Sahli-Wells took care of most of them today – and Lin Howe finally gets a drop zone! (Or, “student valet service.”)

  2. The Student Valet/Drop Zone sign were removed. So the zones are not enforceable.

    The permit parking was NOT enforced on the signs that stayed this weekend. Enforcement has always been a problem.

    The 8 signs DID address the problem caused by the City selling the 4043 Irving lot.

    1) Street sweeping during school drop off time.
    2) Parking intrusion by restaurant employees & patrons(sold off with 4043 Irving Place).
    3) CCUSD Parking(sold off with 4043 Irving Place).
    4) New School drop=off & pick-up zones.

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