Left Hanging by a Hinge? ‘Catch a Contractor’ Wants Culver City Stories

contractors__140416163859 “Catch A Contractor” on Spike TV is coming to Culver City, so tell us your stories!!

Now in its 2nd season, “Catch A Contractor” is a home makeover show that aims to finally turn the tables on shady contractors. Our host, Adam Carolla partners with a general contractor and private investigator to hunt down the perpetrator who botched your construction job—or left you in the dust—and try to settle the score.

If you are living in the wake of a con artist who needs to pay for what he/she’s done, we will try to catch your contractor, end your construction nightmare and serve up some justice.

To apply now, please email [email protected] or call (323) 977-9316.


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