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-1The Culver City Education Foundation (CCEF) is giving a rousing cheer for the $10,000 capacity-building grant they received from the Board of Directors of the Annenberg Foundation that will help CCEF in its efforts to improve and expand its ability to raise funds for all CCUSD Schools. CCEF applied (along with many others) for the opportunity to participate in Annenberg Foundation’s non-profit training programs “Alchemy and Alchemy+.” To earn the right to attend each program was considered a great privilege, and CCEF board members are thrilled by Annenberg’s continued generosity with this new grant!

And speaking of our schools: Four 10th-grade students from Culver City High School were among the recipients of this year’s Digital Voice Awards. The awards were announced on May 22 in a virtual online (what else?) ceremony sponsored by the Los Angeles County Office of Education, Instructional Technology Outreach Program. Congratulations to Ava Derevlany, Alyssa Huang, Taherah Abbas, and Shelby Miyamoto-Kim. The students created a video project for Valerie Yokogawa’s physical education class titled, “Soccer Video Project.” This award-winning video related science concepts with motor skills to explain “how to kick a soccer ball.”

Is anyone else as big a “street art” fan as we are? If so, then you’ll love internationally known muralist and street artist Fintan Magee’s mural on the side of the building at Lindblade and Sepulveda, finished just last week. (Have a cup of coffee at an outside table on the Lindblade side of Tanner’s and just sit back and enjoy.) It took him only five days to complete the mural, and now he’s at Culver City High School, where he will paint a second mural on the campus and mentor students from the school’s Academy of Visual and Performing Arts (AVPA) as they paint their own mural. He will also teach an artist’s workshop. Magee’s larger-than-life work has graced walls from Colombia to Denmark to Australia and has been described as, “not quite real and not quite imaginary. They teeter in a strange kind of limbo that’s neither here nor there.” “We are tremendously excited that our students will have the opportunity to work with an artist of Fintan’s talent and stature in the art community,” said CCHS Principal Dylan Farris. “It’s one thing to see an artist’s work or even to meet him, but to work side-by-side with someone like Fintan will be an incredible experience for our student-artists.

This could be a lifesaver, and it’s free: The Roxana Todd Hodges Stroke Foundation presents a free community education event in partnership with the Culver City Parks, Recreation & Community Services Department this Thursday, June 5 from 12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Come and find out “How You Can Prevent a Stroke!” What the risk factors and warning signs are, educational materials, free screenings and more. All this takes place at the Culver City Senior Center, 4095 Overland Avenue (corner of Culver Blvd. & Overland Ave.) Parking is available at the Senior Center lot or across the street at Veterans Memorial Building & Park. Call for more information and to register for carotid artery and blood pressure screenings: (888)794-9466.

Hey all you with the green thumbs! The Culver City Garden Club’s 61st Annual Garden Show & Sale will be in bloom this Saturday, June 7th from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. and Sunday, June 8th, also 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., at the Culver City Teen Center, 4153 Overland Ave. Their annual exhibition of locally homegrown plants, flowers and edibles will be judged by the public, so look them over carefully! There will also be two presentations each day on gardening topics and plants, daily raffles, and sales of plants and other garden items. Admission is free!

Culver City Exchange Club members welcomed Ken Owens back at last week’s meeting. He is still a little weak but glad to be out of the hospital and everyone was very happy to see him. Take your vitamins, Ken – the 4th of July Fireworks show is ON!!

What is “broom casting” you may ask? The Culver City Rock & Mineral Club is about to educate you: a class on “Broom Cast Jewelry” will be presented by Brad Smith this Saturday, June 7 from noon – 4:00 p.m. at the Culver City Boy Scout House on Culver Blvd. The cost for CCRMC members is $45.00; non-members, $55.00. According to their website, with broom casting you “…Discover the rush of pouring molten silver into a wet broom to get marvelous icicle-like forms that make great pendants and earrings. Yes, this is broom casting. Learn the basics of pouring metal, protecting it from oxidation, cleaning off firescale, and polishing your piece to a bright finish. These are same techniques used in cuttlebone casting, sand casting, and lost wax casting. All tools and materials will be provided except for precious metals. You will need one to three ounces of Sterling silver for the class. Scrap or previously used material is fine. Silver is available at local coin shops. Be sure to ask for Sterling, not pure silver.” Contact Brad Smith directly at [email protected] to register for this class.

No June gloom for these birthday celebrants: Barbara Honig, John Snodgrass, Sean Andrew, Jennifer Priebe, Christine Johnson, Stephen Elmer, Elizabeth Rubien, Harvey Schneider, Stanley Genser, Ted Hanf, Woody Shaffer, Janelle Williams, Ana Maria Guimaraes, Jan Ferguson, Grace Bruno, Kristina Moore, John Klutke, Daniel Kaufman, Karalee Nakatsuka, Alexandra Baehler, Siobhan Dennis, Bethany MacDuff, Sarah Malkin, Tay Lesley, Jessica Little, Elaine Barringer, Victoria Crawford-Young, Jose Guzman, Paula Josephson, Stephen Rickert, Karen Carter, Miguel Drayton, Emad Elsobky, Kimberly Hall, Mary Perez, and Junxiang Wan. Would you like to have your – or a friend or family member’s – birthday mentioned here? Let us know at [email protected] 

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