Dear Editor- Derek for Secretary of State

Light bulb 0003Here’s something to be excited about in the June 3 primary election — Derek Cressman is running for California Secretary of State. I worked with Derek for several years and know him well. He was the director of the democracy program at U.S. PIRG when I was working for the organization’s research unit.

I can think of nobody better for the job.

Rather than spending years raising corporate money like most candidates at that level, Derek has spent his career working to get corporate money out of politics. He has a plan to get Congress to overturn the Citizens United ruling and other Supreme Court cases that have said corporations are people and money is speech.

When the Koch Brothers’ network illegally funneled $11 million into California’s 2012 elections from a shadow organization in Arizona, Derek blew the whistle and worked to get a record fine.

Let’s elect a Secretary of State who is going to change the tune on money in politics!

You can learn more about Derek by visiting his website at

You may never have been excited about the Secretary of State race before, but this is one worth getting involved in.

Brad Heavner

The Actors' Gang

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