Dear Editor – Pastor Promotes Measure CC

Light bulb 0003Hello,
I am writing in support of Measure CC. I am the mother of two children in Culver City schools, Linwood E. Howe Elementary and Culver City Middle School. A quality education is one of the building blocks of not just a good society, but a great one. CCUSD has done a brilliant job of weathering the budget storms of the past decade; they have prioritized teacher salaries and quality programs over facilities upgrades. Now, however, there are upgrades needed to our facilities that are becoming dire. Culver City is a gem of a city inside the heart of Los Angeles. It has a strong civic commitment that is unique–a community I’m proud to be part of. I urge voters to continue this great legacy of valuing quality public education by voting yes on Measure CC!

Rev. Heidi Worthen Gamble, Presbyterian pastor and mother of two
Culver City, California

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