Dear Editor – Walking the Talk

Light bulb 0003Dear Editor;

When we moved to Culver City 20 years ago we did not have kids, but we chose Culver City in part because of the school system. Please vote YES on Measure CC, the CCUSD school bond measure on the June 3rd ballot.

Over the last 10 years that our son has been a Culver City student we have spent a lot of time at the school sites. The conditions of our classrooms, science labs, computer infrastructure, plumbing, electrical, buildings, athletic areas and schools are deteriorating and need fixing up.

I have walked numerous streets and neighborhoods all over Culver City talking about the bond. Over 96% of the people I talk to: parents, seniors, folks with adult kids, folks with no kids, folks with kids; all agree we have to fix up our schools.

Shouldn’t the condition of our schools be at the same level as they are academically? An investment in our schools is an investment in keeping our property values increasing. It is the best investment any of us could make for the future of our community and our students.

Please vote Yes on Measure CC.

Jamie and Bob Wallace

The Actors' Gang

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