Dear Editor – Last Forum Showed Community Support for Bond Measure

Light bulb 0003Last night (May 20) the Culver Crest Neighborhood Association hosted an excellent discussion on Measure CC, the bond to repair and upgrade Culver City schools. The presenters were CCUSD Superintendent Dave LaRose, Assistant Superintendent Mike Reynolds and School Board Member Sue Robins. Once again, they made a great case as to why we should vote yes on June 3.

They explained the enormous extent of the district’s needs, which include extremely important upgrades for health and safety. These are things like repairing and replacing roofs, plumbing, and electrical systems. Did you know that our electrical systems are so old that teachers can’t plug necessary equipment into the wall socket without blowing a circuit?

In addition, they described the process which led to CC getting on the June 3rd ballot. I’ve been involved in this effort from the start of the 18-month-long process, and they did a good job conveying the transparency, attention to detail and professionalism with which it was conducted.

Voting for a bond measure is serious business, and LaRose, Reynolds and Robins responded to questions from the audience with sincerity and respect. Questions like: “What if we don’t need the full amount the measure authorizes?” Answer: “No bonds would be issued in excess of the amount that’s needed to do the work that will be voted on by the board through an open, public process.” Question: “How do we know the public will be getting a good deal?” Answer: “The district intends to enter into contracts that cap the maximum it can be charged for particular projects, and will be able to choose the best construction managers for each job.”

The panel backed up their answers with facts and offered to get any additional information requested. They also handed out copies of the Facilites Master Plan, which can also be found online. It outlines what needs to be done at each school. You can view it online here:

June 3rd is right around the corner. As a mother of three children in our district as well as a homeowner, I am so proud and excited to think that we have this opportunity to do something great for our schools and community. If you have any questions about Measure CC, check out the campaign’s website, If you have any questions after looking there, feel free to contact the campaign team – or me!

Our kids deserve to go to their classes in facilities that match the caliber of the education our teachers are providing. Let’s vote YES on Measure CC!

Jeannine Wisnosky Stehlin
President, United Parents of Culver City
[email protected]

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