Dear Editor – Measure CC

Light bulb 0003To the Editor:

Please join me and thousands of parents and vote Yes on Measure CC, the CCUSD school bond measure on the June 3rd ballot.

The PTA is the largest child advocacy organization in the Nation. All seven of our Culver City PTAs have endorsed Measure CC because they fully understand that the conditions of our classrooms and schools are sub par compared to schools in districts like Santa Monica-Malibu and Inglewood.

Most of our schools were built 50 years ago. Some were built 70 years ago. Every school will be impacted by this bond. Modern classrooms will provide our students with tools they need to go to a four-year university or to plan for career pathways.

In two years I will no longer have children in Culver City schools, but I will still live here and own a home here and I know how important this long term investment is to the value of my home and our quality of life in Culver City,and to the future of ALL of our children.

Please vote Yes on Measure CC

Leslie Gardner

The Actors' Gang

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