MCLM Updates Home Movie Collection to Digital

241MCLM has transferred home movies from its Marie Dickerson Coker collection into digital format and uploaded several clips to Youtube. The clips can be accessed at

A relative and neighbor of Dr. Mayme A. Clayton, Marie Dickerson Coker was an accomplished musician, dancer, and pilot of the 1930’s and 40’s. Coker’s home movies show the entertainer with family and friends in Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Hawaii. A majority of her home movies were shot in Hawaii where Marie and husband Henry Coker capture their wedding party, the tropical Hawaiian landscape, their musician friends, the stationed and visiting military, and Hawaiian locals.

Coker’s home movies offer a insight into African American life that ‘s rarely on view in surviving newsreels or movies. A grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation enabled MCLM to preserve this piece of history for future generations.

Special thanks for volunteer Trisha Lendo who organized this project.

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