Antioch Offers Support for LGBTQ Youth at Colors

GBLTQI_01_LR_1Let’s face it – growing up is tough enough without having to negotiate that you are different from the cultural norm. Antioch University Los Angeles, located in Culver City at Corporate Pointe, offers support via Colors- an LGBTQ Youth Counseling Center entering its third successful year! Their mission is to provide free LGBTQ-affirmative counseling and healing psychotherapeutic services to youth under 25 and their families in the greater Los Angeles area.



Their mission is to provide LGBTQ-affirmative therapy that addresses bullying and oppression in order to nurture youth and empower them to realize their finest LGBTQ potentialities through healing and transformation.

LGBTQ youth deserve to feel good about who they are. Affirmative counseling can help with bullying, self-esteem, depression, substance abuse, isolation, confusion, and self-doubt in the process of becoming empowered, whole, and strong.  LGBTQ youth deserve to know their history, and that they have a proud legacy of contributing to society. All lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and all others in-between are healthy ways of being. We appreciate how important it is to work with communities of color to empower them to embrace their LGBTQ brothers and sisters. We believe in the importance of exploring diversity of sexuality, gender, family composition, race, ethnicity, socialization, ability, and immigration status. We work with youth and their families to bring an affirmative attitude and spirit to our community.

Of course, support service need your support, and the generosity of donors has been critical in Colors accomplishments, including:

-They have totaled nearly 3,000 client hours over the last 3 years.

-Their staff of eight counselors is currently seeing 65 clients, from all ethnic groups in Los Angeles, and youth in all stages of coming out.

-95% of donations go to direct client services.

Help keep the doors open to youth in need! Go to learn more about Colors or to make a donation.

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