CCPD Saves Hot Dogs in Stolen Car

6a00d834bb5e7353ef0120a5b79399970b-800wiOn April 27, 2014 at approximately 5:45p.m., Officers responded to a radio call at Washington Blvd. and Glencoe Ave. in regards to a stolen vehicle investigation.
The victim stated that she parked her vehicle in the 13300 Block of Washington Blvd. at approximately 4:30p.m. At approximately 5:30p.m., she returned and reported that her vehicle was gone. The victim had three dogs in the vehicle: a black/gray Chihuahua, a red Chihuahua, and a white Havanese.

Due to the rising daytime temperatures, Investigators grew concerned for the welfare of the dogs, knowing that time was becoming a critical factor for their survival. On April 29, officers redeployed in the area where the vehicle was last seen and conducted a coordinated, systematic grid search, in an effort to locate and rescue the dogs.

At about 1130 hours, the vehicle and 3 dogs were located; the dogs appeared to be in good health and were immediately removed from the vehicle. The victim was called to the scene and reunited with her dogs. She was extremely thankful for the positive outcome.

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  1. Dogs who have owners who leave them in cars even for a few minutes should find new owners. Owners who leave their pets in cars for an hour should switch to stuffed animals.

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