Parenting Without Power Struggles @ El Rincon – April 22 Rincon PTA will present family therapist Susan Stiffelman at its Parent Education Night beginning at 6 p.m. on April 22 on the El Rincon campus at 11177 Overland Avenue.

Admission is free and open to parents throughout the District. Childcare and refreshments will be provided.

Stiffelman has shown thousands of parents how to be the cool, confident “Captain of the ship” in their children’s lives. Based on her successful practice and packed with real-life stories, she will share proven strategies and crystal clear insights to motivate kids to cooperate and connect.

You’ll discover how to:

Transform frustration and aggression into adaptation and cooperation
Keep your cool when your kids push your buttons, talk back or refuse to “play nice”
Nourish deep attachment with young and older kids
Inoculate your kids from negative thinking and peer pressure that lead to anger, anxiety, depression, or behavior issues
Help children manage emotional challenges

Featured on the Today Show, Susan Stiffelman is an internationally respected parent educator, therapist, author and parenting expert. She is known for her down to earth, parent-friendly advice on raising cooperative, connected and capable children.

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