Dear Editor – Fracking Moratorium an Issue in Council Race

Light bulb 0003Did you know that PXP has now done over 150 frack jobs using a variety of differently named processes in the nearby oil field? Are you concerned about the escalating magnitude and intensity of the earthquakes we are experiencing? Wonder if these are fracking related? You or neighbors complain of heavy noxious odors in the early hours when there is a marine layer? Concerned? Want answers?

Four good men are running for Council. Incumbents seeking re-election ask we wait till the State puts a moratorium in effect. Waiting till. . . concerns me, especially as the oil company is ramping up its efforts to make haste while there is no moratorium. In times of great haste accidents and disasters are more likely to occur.

As I interviewed Christopher King, I recognized that he walks his talk as he vies for a seat on the City Council.
King’s vision and platform that invites your participatory involvement bears witness to his responsiveness to the Community’s concerns.

I have joined with Christopher King for a focused “Meet & Greet the Candidate” at 7PM this Friday, April 4th.
We invite every Culver City resident to come tell us your concerns. Some recently testified to City Council of the toxic smells and high number of cancers in various Culver City neighborhoods; others now suffering asthma, subsidence and cracks in their homes. The City’s current oil company indemnification bond is inadequate to cover extensive damages.

No matter what part of Culver City you live in, you are at risk! Culver City sits on three active earthquake fault lines, the earth beneath us is badly fissured. The 1985 Ross Dress-for-Less fires, whether a natural occurrence or oil drilling induced, teaches us important lessons. So too the disastrous collapse of the Baldwin Hills Dam. One big mistake by the oil company can cost us our property and/or our lives.

We need a strong, defendable prohibiton or moratorium until proven safe – and we need it now! Christopher King is willing to stand up for us as he organizes this response to our City Attorney’s welcoming more input from the citizenry.
Please join us this Friday evening, April 4th from 7 to 8:30PM at 10708 Northgate Street, CC 90230.
RSVP: [email protected] And remember on April 8th to go to the polls and cast one of your votes for Christopher Patrick King. For more info email Mr King at email at [email protected]

Dr Suzanne De Benedittis, PhD

The Actors' Gang

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