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565511-yinyangThe T’ai Chi Cycle —

I often give presentations to groups – at the library, real estate agencies, retirement homes, seminars, networking groups – about feng shui – and at the introduction I always talk about the t’ai chi circle, the yin and yang circle that is the core of feng shui. I always tell my audiences that life is constantly in transition, as seen, for example, in the seasons of our world. We are now entering the spring, and the yang section of the circle – the yang section will widen when we approach the long leisurely warm summer days. But then summer will end, and the leaves will change colors, and we will enter the yin part of the circle, the season of autumn, and the days will be shorter, and it will get chillier. Of course that will transcend to winter, when the days are quite short, and it is darker longer, and it is cold. But hark, it will not last long, for spring will approach and we will enter the yang circle once again.

It is a continuous cycle.

I’m reminded of this sequence at my home. We have a tree in the front of our house that was young and robust when we moved in. When we remodeled our house, the tree began to age, or so our arborist said, and it looked sickly. We tended the tree, and miraculously it began to leaf again, especially in the spring. Now I look at it, and the leaves are blossoming again, but I notice that there is a tall branch that no longer has leaves, that needs to be trimmed and removed. The tree is still in serious aging transition.

My mother has alzheimers, and has lived with us for 12 years. We have watched her age, and progress from a spritely 80 year old, to a person with dementia, and then alzheimers, and it has been an educational experience for us. The time has come for my mother to be cared for by someone else full time, and it is like the tree, a lesson in transition and change.

The tree, and my mother, and the seasons they experienced, remind me of the t’ai chi circle. I watch it, and I am reminded that I too am experiencing change, and I cannotdeny that I feel sad as the yin approaches for our tree and my mother.

I listen and observe my feng shui clients when they are in a painful transition, and we try to discuss options to deal with the energy change. I cannot deny it is difficult to endure the yin portion of life. My hope is to look at the t’ai chi circle, and to

remember there is a white dot in the black portion of the circle, and the white dot is hope, and a reminder that life will be yang one day soon once again.

Feng Shui is a great teacher, and a reminder of life’s cycles.


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