Chamber Endorses Clarke for Re-Election

Councilmember Jim Clarke is proud to announce that he has been endorsed by the Culver City Chamber of Commerce for re-election to the City Council. With four candidates running for two seats, the support from the organization is very important. The Chamber conducted a thorough review of each candidate which included written responses on important issues, a review of each candidate’s record of public service, and an interview. Jim’s record of leadership in working closely with local businesses and the community to create new opportunities is one of the reasons for the endorsement. Serving on the City’s Economic Development Sub-Committee has provided him with a deep understanding of fiscal responsibility and economic development which are desired qualities in a City Council member.
Pictured above with Barbara Firestone of the Help Group, Jim has been active with the Chamber. Stating that, “I am very appreciative of the Chamber’s Board of Directors vote of endorsement of my candidacy. I am looking forward to continuing to work with the Chamber to strengthen business in Culver City since businesses account for 65% of Culver City revenues. Without viable businesses we cannot provide the great City services our residents have come to expect. There are areas of development coming up in the near future where new businesses will have the opportunity to come into the City. I am excited by the prospects of reasonable and compatible growth for Culver City.” To watch Jim’s interview go to
Jim is seeking re-election to the Council in the April 8th election. He can be contacted by email [email protected]

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