Wanna Watch? Audience Seats Availalble

If  you are a fan of “Men at Work” you could jump right in to a great opportunity to see the show filmed in Culver City.

The series follows Milo, a man who recently ended his relationship with his girlfriend, Lisa, and tries to re-enter the dating scene with the help of his three best friends/co-workers, Tyler, Gibbs and Neal, the latter friend who’s the only one who has a girlfriend, Amy. Together, the four friends help each other navigate through relationships, friendship and working together at the same magazine, “Full Steam“. The gang mainly hang out at the diner or at the workplace.

Call Carol right away at 747-400-3820 to reserve your group of 5 or more people. Groups of friends and family welcome to attend.

FRIDAY 12/13/13
Sony Studios, Culver City, CA
Check in at 5PM, tapes from 6PM to 10:30PM
*40 seats (Min. age 18)

The Actors' Gang

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