Blum and Poe Gallery Offers Hair Raising Art with Jim Shaw

Hair stands on end in Jim Shaw’s current exhibition at Blum & Poe. It’s thick, sandy blond and stiff, thanks to fabric hardener, and more than 5 feet long, which means the hair would reach at least someone’s calves were it actually hanging from a head. But there’s a see-through resin sculpture of a split-level house where a head should be. The hair sculpture stands in front of a big, operatic mural on which black-and-white superheroes, gods and goddesses tumble around in front of a faded painting of a Mark Twain–worthy steamboat. Shaw’s entire, epic show is like this: hyper-reality meets domesticity meets Americana meets myth. 2754 S. La Cienega Blvd., Culver City; through Dec. 21. (310) 836-2062, ( From LA Weekly)

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