Dear Editor – Voters Needed for Upcoming Election

As a resident of Culver City for over 45 years I have seen almost everything happen within this city. One truly outstanding event was the election of my husband, Richard Alexander to the City Council in 1974 against almost all odds. It was somewhat like David and Goliath and forty years later I am witnessing the same type of event –with what I hope, will be the same outcome. Christopher Armenta is running his campaign for the 54th Assembly seat against those same type of odds, as he runs against:
1. A candidate who has sought special interests groups
2. A candidate who has a great deal of name recognition
3. A candidate who has the organization of a well tooled political machine
4. A candidate who has about 25 times the money to spend
5. A candidate who has never served in an elective office position

So why am I strongly endorsing Former Mayor Christopher Armenta:
1. Chris has been elected to Public office and has a proven track record of representing the people
2. Chris, an experienced State Auditor, knows where & how to get needed funding
3. Chris is committed to ensure quality health care for all demographics in the District
4. Chris understands traffic congestion & safety issues & will work to ease them
5. Chris has stood up to the County in respect to its weak regulations of the Baldwin Hills Oil Field
6. Chris will work tirelessly for a BAN ON FRACKING until it is proven safe
7. Chris is committed to strengthening CEQA (the California Environmental Quality Act)
8. Chris is extremely concerned about the relationship between our water supply, earthquakes and fracking and is dedicated to holding the industries accountable.

During the time Alex was a four term Culver City Councilman, our family quickly learned how elected leaders can manipulate dates and meetings to orchestrate events causing low voter turnout to skew the vote. Whoever decided on the December 3rd date for this special election was certainly not trying to enhance the democratic process, but so be it.

We will get the word out. The people will know that the good of the people must prevail. Please consider voting absentee so you will be able to dedicate your full time and attention to the joyous holidays of this season: Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.

Yours for a greater democracy,

Ann D. Alexander

The Actors' Gang

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