Dear Editor – Next Election Approaching Quickly

 Does money in politics & fracking in our Baldwin Hills concern you?

On Tuesday December 3rd there is a special election. This is our opportunity to elect as our State Assembly member, a Culver City favorite voted most popular elected official in 2008 because of his total dedication to the community. He will speak out and work on our behalf in Sacramento.

Former Culver City Mayor Chris Armenta is running for 54th District seat. During the 2008 recession Mayor Armenta used his savvy as State auditor to help create a balanced budget without cutting any services. He proved his loyalties lie with the people, with your needs and mine, when he stood up to Supervisor Ridley-Thomas and sued LA County and the company that owned the Baldwin Hills Oil field. (There was a recent sale to a different company- Freeport McMoran known for its horrible environmental record).

Going against current political tide , Christopher Armenta is committed to uphold and strengthen CEQA (the California Environmental Quality Act), especially with issuing oil & gas extraction permits, as well as with commercial enterprises and developments that threaten our quality of life.

Unlike the other major contender, Sebastian Ridley-Thomas (son of Mark Ridley-Thomas, our County Supervisor, a minimalist regarding protecting us from oil fields risks), Mr Armenta is taking no money from oil companies or corporations. His 26 year old neophyte contender already has over a half million dollars with contributions from a Petroleum PAC, Monsanto (notorious for GMO production ), and other interests that do not embody democratic values. If the inexperienced moneyed contender gets elected, whose interests will become his priorities?

Mr Armenta, a self-made man, knows our needs and represents us – the 99%. He is running a grass roots people’s campaign, counting on people like you and me to keep democracy alive. As our legislative representative Armenta will be the people’s voice! Not that of special interests.

If you are concerned about getting money out of politics, if you want an elected official dedicated to getting a ban on fracking in the Baldwin Hills, then vote Armenta for Assembly.

The election is in the middle of Hanukkah & two days after the Thanksgiving weekend, so vote early by mail. Tomorrow evening, November 13th. come to the Culver City Democratic Club meeting at 7PM. Come hear, support and vote for Christopher Armenta to represent our needs in Sacramento! More info

Dr, Suzanne De Benedittis


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