Dear Editor – Lin Howe Parent Likes Silbiger

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter to express my support for Karlo Silbiger, a candidate in the 2013 Culver City School Board election.

I have a daughter who attends Linwood E. Howe Elementary School, and I have been impressed with Karlo’s service on the School Board, his knowledge and experience, steady and consistent temperament, attention to detail, and his effective and nuanced handling of the critical issues facing the Board.

Karlo Silbiger has demonstrated his commitment to the Culver City educational community through his four years on the School Board, and his decades of service as a CCUSD student, employee, and community member. We must retain his informed and balanced perspective on the School Board, his keen grasp of the issues facing Culver City schools, and his ability to bring disparate voices together to reach a consensus that best serves everyone in the school community: parents, teachers, administrators, and especially our students.

Karlo is a practical visionary, someone with the drive, innovation and ideas to bring needed changes to our schools, while never losing site of the pragmatic considerations that must inform responsible decision-making. His handling of the recent bond issue, for example, demonstrates his ability to consider all perspectives, examine the details of complex agreements, and make decisions that balance current needs and future fiscal obligations.

I hope everyone votes for our “Most Valuable” School Board member, Karlo Silbiger.


James Klein
Culver City

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