Dear Editor – Silbiger Support

I am a Friend of the Culver City Youth Health Center. That means that I help in raising awareness, funds and usage of the CC Youth Health Center, which is
located on the campus between the CC Middle and High Schools and is free to all
youth who reside in CC or attend CC schools, ages 11-19.

Because of my passion for this amazing free service, I am a dedicated supporter
of Karlo Silbiger. Karlo initiated a meeting with our Friends’ co-president
Andy Alexander and CCUSD Supt. David LaRose to include the Health Center
information in the online registration packets for students/parents. Karlo was
instrumental in ensuring that teachers would make student referrals to the
Health Center. As a teacher, Karlo knows the importance and opportunity
teachers have to identify concerns of youth and get them immediate help. Karlo
also ensured that teachers would have professional development training to be
able to connect students with the Health Center and supported a Health Center
“booth” at the Open House/Back to School dates. The more the staff is
knowledgeable about the resources of the Health Center, which is on their
campus, the more students will receive the assistance they may need. I’m voting
for Karlo Silbiger, who is dedicated to the CC Youth Health Center and its
resources for youth.

Patricia Levinson
Former President of CCYHC

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