Dear Editor- Silbiger and Solar Power

Dear Editor,

As a committed sustainability advocate, I strongly support Karlo Silbiger for School Board. Karlo has been the most active and vocal supporter on the School Board for installing the new solar energy system. This system will bring in a guaranteed $8.5 million in unrestricted money to our general school fund. The revenues from solar energy can be used to pay for anything the Culver City School Board feels is necessary for our students’ education – from hiring new teachers, to upgrading facilities or paying for maintenance. And no new taxes were needed for the solar project. The capital reserve funds used to pay for the project could not be used for education related expenses, so it was a win for the kids’ education, our finances and the environment. Without Karlo’s support, I am convinced the solar system would not have been installed, and we would have lost out on this important opportunity.

I also support Karlo because he has consistently supported increased citizen and parent involvement in our schools and in our School Board activities. He championed the creation of the Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC). This group, composed of Culver City residents with sustainability experience, is intended to advise the Board of Education on sustainability issues, and resulted in the launch of the GREEN5 sustainability education program. Karlo was a strong and sometimes solitary voice in pushing for continued and increased ESC advice on the solar project to ensure a thorough review of options and the installation of the best possible solar system for Culver City.

I hope other residents who understand the value of forwarding sustainability for our children will join me in supporting Karlo Silbiger for re-election to the Culver City School Board on November 5.


Shea Cunningham

Chair, Lin Howe Green Team

Co-Chair, Environmental Sustainability Committee, CCUSD

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