Dear Editor – Youth Health Center Applauds Student Volunteers

The Friends of the Culver City Youth Health Center which provides free health care to students on campus, was invited by Principal Dylan Farris to set up a booth at the High School for their Club Day. What an incredible event. We couldn’t believe how well organized it was. The students set up what looked like about 40 booths in about 10 minutes, the event lasted 40 minutes, and then they broke it all down in 5 minutes. They were so hard working and so helpful. We were excited to be part of it. We met some great students, including some who are interested in studying medicine and hope we can work with them to start a club for students interested in learning more about the health care professions. Congratulations to the students and administration for a job well done.

Andy Alexander and Fran Ruddick

The Actors' Gang

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