Dear Editor – Right for Our Students

I have a “Re-Elect Kathy Paspalis” sign proudly displayed on my lawn. It’s not only an attractive sign, but it also stands for doing what’s right for our students.

I had the pleasure of working alongside Kathy for two years on the Culver City Board of Education, the very board that she seeks reelection. I do not have to speculate as to what Kathy would do if elected, I’ve seen what she does, firsthand.

Working on any board takes intelligence, preparedness, collaboration and cooperation. It often means checking your ego at the door and making certain that your decisions are in the best interest of the students.

Kathy excels at doing just that.

Kathy comes to every meeting thoroughly prepared. She comes to every meeting with an open mind and the ability to not only persuade, but more importantly, to be persuaded. She works together incredibly well as a teammate, and equally as well as a leader. Kathy is also very active in the community, attending events almost nightly, representing our Board and the district.

When electing a board, it is important to elect members who care more about the students than their own political careers. It’s easy to give in to political pressure and follow the majority; it’s easy to tell everyone what they want to hear; it’s easy to spend money that the district doesn’t have. All of this is easy, but none of it is right.

When you are voting on election day, do what is right for our students. Join me in reelecting Kathy Paspalis for a seat on the Culver City Board of Education. Our students deserve it.

Scott Zeidman

The Actors' Gang

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