Dear Editor – Bond Issue Central to Schools

Dear Editor:

The lack of funding in our schools has always been an issue. When our two sons, who are now in their forties, attended Culver schools there were complaints about unfulfilled needs just as there is now. Unfortunately there never is enough money for everything that needs to be done in a school district, whether it involves maintenance, supplies, or staffing.

In the past 40 years or so there have been several school bond issues and parcel tax votes to benefit our schools, and if memory serves me correctly three out of four of them passed. Before those proposals appeared on the ballot, intense study and planning took place to assess exactly what the needs of the district were-short and long term. With this evidence to present to the public, many active Culver City citizens worked very hard to assure passage of the measures.

Currently, those who now are disappointed and even angry about a bond measure not appearing on the November ballot are very concerned about the condition of our schools. We all are. Two of the 3 school board members who voted to delay the bond election were there during those past campaigns to obtain funding for the schools. The third board member was a child at the time and was surrounded by family campaign activity. Everyone worked hard to be almost certain the public would accept the increase in taxes before they started campaigning. They put up signs, wrote letters, and spoke at public meetings. And they succeeded.

Delaying the bond issue does not mean it won’t ever happen, it means when it does appear on the ballot it will be a proposal with goals and facts and figures that voters will understand and accept and vote for.

It is always wise to look back through history to see why campaigns for anything were successful so those same strategies can be emulated. It is also wise to listen to those who were there, worked hard, and succeeded. Next year when the bond issue is ready to go, we can all work together to help it pass and then enjoy the improvements it will bring to our schools.

Sandy Schwartz

The Actors' Gang

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