Peace Project; Power of Forgiveness @ Whole 9 Gallery

What would happen if we could forgive the unforgivable?

The last few weeks have shown that people of all races, religions and beliefs must learn a better way to coexist.

Join The Peace Project and leaders from the African, Middle East and LGBT communities to discuss what can be done on a local and global level to create a more peaceful and prosperous world.

We’ll also be screening Fambul Tok, a documentary from Sierra Leone about the incredible power of forgiveness and how it can transform lives and nations.

Thursday, August 8
6:30pm – 8:30pm

Suggested donation of $10, but all are welcome regardless of ability to pay

Visit for details and tickets.

The Actors' Gang

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    The installation enhances your objectives for interfaith dialogue, etc. The artwork inspires open discussions, formal lectures series, and interactive programs for universities, museums, spirit bases institutions and even corporations. Such activities might focus on spiritual teachings or our global crisis.

    The entire installation is a free standing, curved to the width of 30’ X 11’ high, 7‘deep. It is assembled in 16 pieces. Weighs about 700 lbs and fits in a 16Ft shipping container. Curtains are available, attached to the sides, flanking the unused space to either side, extending to either wall in the event the space is larger than the actual construction.

    The entire project is available for purchase, includes; crating, web site, you tube videos, one hour world music track and any and all information to date. We are actively searching for a sponsor or patron, Any and All help is deeply appreciated.

    I ask for your Support

    Many of you know ”The Dialogue for World Peace” is a beautiful visual history, created for meditation and prayer which encourages humanity from all religions and beliefs to break free from what divides us. Its aim is to align our thinking with that of great teachers and philosophers, promoting peace on earth and the idea we are all one. It is an installation exhibition that that needs to be seen and directly experienced for its valuable messages to be received. Now is the time!
    We appreciate and value the encouragement,
    it represents your shared desire for a more peaceful world for us all!

    Old World Master YOUTUBE link

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