Next Space to Host Book Signing – Naked Economy

Consider the concept; what happens when work is no longer a place but a state of mind? When the trappings that have defined the economy as we knew it are stripped away and we start from the bare essence of what it means to make a living? From corner coffee shops to Fortune 500 companies, workers from all different backgrounds are creating a new reality and prosperity.

Get to NextSpace on July 25 9415 Culver Blvd. 90232

The Rise of the Naked Economy: Book signing with authors Jeremy Neuner & Ryan Coonerty. Register here: Rise of the Naked Economy shows readers how to achieve both personal and professional success in an economy that does not guarantee lifetime employment. Pioneers Coonerty and Neuner report from the front lines on the future of work. From the recently graduated to the recently laid off, this book covers how the rise in non-traditional employment calls for a new infrastructure, strategy, and attitude for workers, companies, and communities alike.

Come on over for a special evening discussion with the authors of the newly released The Rise of the Naked Economy. Jeremy Neuner and Ryan Coonerty will be here to talk about their new book with Q & A to follow. There will be networking before and after the event as well as light snacks and drinks.

The Rise of the Naked Economy provides an optimistic, humorous, and inspirational vision for readers who want reclaim their lives and livelihoods.



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