Feng Shui Summer Lemonade – Janet Mitsui Brown

 As a mother, wife, person, & feng shui consultant, I’m available to give guidance based on my experience and knowledge.    It’s an honor to be asked, and I make every effort to listen to the challenges and issues facing people before I give assistance.


One of the most compelling challenges to address is knowing that life can be pretty unfair at times – that is, you don’t always get what you want, even if you work at it.  Accepting the next best thing is hard to do. And most of the time you/we fight it.

Why do we do we do this?  It might be because your our desire was on THIS happening.  And when THIS doesn’t happen, its devastating, frightening, and anxiety provoking.    Unexpected – according to our calculations it’s not what we want.    It can be a personal issue (perhaps a romance) or a political issue (just take a look at the news).


Yet it seems the most successful people are the ones who see the joy in getting the next best, or the best after that.    Or they simply don’t give up.  They regroup and do whatever is necessary to move forward.  For it is understood life has a way of balancing out eventually, if you let it, if enough people work hard enough for it.


Yes, even I have my heart set on certain things in life – and when I don’t get it, I feel a frustration, or a disappointment – it certainly is an attitude that needs addressing.    But if I allow myself to feel the disappointment, something good — usually unexpectedly, happens as a result.  Some followers call it faith.  Others call it going with the flow.  The art of feng shui is clarifying one’s personal awareness of balance and harmony, for an improved natural life flow.   Try to remember, when you get lemons, just make lemonade.


So if you have a qi blockage or a disappointment, and you can’t move forward — do your best to move forward anyway — go around the blockage, mobilize, regroup, or just stay for the ride.  You might be very surprised what happens next.

As for me, day by day I look at the best of summer – the warm days and evenings, the longer daylight hours, the energy it gives me to reflect and re-act.


Enjoy it all while its here – while you can.

And if you need some vigor, go to my website – learn about feng shui and reenergize for the next challenge. 


In gratitude, Janet Mitsui Brown, www.thejoyoffengshui.com


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