State Releases School API Rankings (Consider It a Good Report Card)

 The state on Friday released its annual list of K-12 school rankings based on student performance on standardized tests, with each CCUSD school scoring at or above the statewide performance target of 800 in 2012.

Friday’s results are meaningful in that they offer a relatively easy way for parents, teachers and the community to gauge how well their schools stack up in comparison to all schools of their grade level across California, as well as to all statewide schools with similar demographics.

Still, the California Department of Education tends to release this particular round of figures quietly because the scores are based on old information – that is, data from standardized tests students took in the spring of 2012. The bigger release typically happens in August or September, when the state unveils the Academic Performance Index scores from tests that students in grades 2-11 took just a couple of months before.

In the results released Friday, all schools receive two 1-10 rankings – one for “statewide” and one for “similar schools.” A 1 ranking signifies that a school falls in the bottom decile; a “10” indicates that a school falls in the top decile.

“B” means this is either an LEA or an Alternative Schools Accountability Model (ASAM) school. Schools with an approved ASAM application do not receive statewide or similar schools rankings. Growth, target, and rank information are not applicable to LEAs.


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