Dear Editor – Car Show and Parking Pressures

The 10th Annual Culver City Car Show is coming to Downtown this Saturday. Ads have been placed in a local newspaper stating, “NO PARKING IN RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOODS. Permit Parking will be enforced. Parking available in Downtown Parking Structures… CCPD WILL TICKET”

Sounds like the neighborhood is off limits. The problem is there are pockets without permits or permit hours that can allow someone to go to the Car Show for 4 hours without fear of a ticket.

Duquesne does not have Permit Parking from Culver to Lucerne. Lucerne does not have Permit Parking. Braddock between Duquesne and Lafayette does not have Permit Parking.

No restrictions on Irving in front of the school.

Van Buren between the Pacific 12 theatre and Farragut has one hour parking from Noon to Midnight. So if someone parks at 9AM(the official opening time of the Car Show) the one-hour time limit would not start until noon. They would be able to be ticketed at 1PM if their vehicle was chalked at noon. If they moved their vehicle a couple of feet then the hour would restart.

All this information is know by the Downtown employees who park for free in our neighborhood 365 days a year.

Cary Anderson

The Actors' Gang

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