Vox Femina Shares the Music of Momness

This one goes out to all the mothers.

Vox Femina Los Angeles, the city’s premier women’s choral group, is dedicated to telling the stories of women. Diverse in culture, age, race, belief and sexual identity, Vox knows how to share the complexities of the female experience through the world’s most powerful medium: music.

For Mother’s Day 2013 Vox is sharing their “Mixtape for Moms,” a compilation for mothers, daughters and partners to celebrate family.

“The music that Vox Femina produces is very specifically chosen to show off and support women, and empower women,” said Julie Crooks, First Alto in Vox. “What we’re saying to people is, ‘we’re women and this is how we think. This is what we feel. This is what’s important to us. This is what we want you to think about.'”

Each selection of Vox’s “Mixtape for Moms” is a personal dedication from a member of Vox to an important woman in her life, including a touching tribute from Vox Femina’s Artistic Director Dr. Iris Levine.

“My mother loved to sing,” said Dr. Levine. “We would often sing together as I sat at the piano playing songs. It was a joyous time for me. There is a song in Vox’s repertoire entitled ‘Music in My Mother’s House’ that talks about the wonderful times hearing music in a mother’s home and remembering it once she has passed. Each time we sing it, I think of my mother.”

Just as they do in each performance, Vox hopes that this ‘Mixtape’ inspires people to appreciate family, celebrate women and feel a sense of community. Happy Mother’s Day.

Mixtape for Moms

Song: “Crossing the Bar” by Gwyneth Walker
Dedicated By: Catherine C.
Dedicated To: My Mother

Song: “Pride and Joy” by Brandi
Dedicated By: Miriam H.
Dedicated To: Mom

Song: “Chinese Song”
Dedicated By: Mei W.
Dedicated To: My Mother

Song: “Seven Years” by Norah Jones
Dedicated By: Diana Percival
Dedicated To: My Daughter

Song: “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole
Dedicated By: Leslie K.
Dedicated To: My Daughters

Song: “You Don’t Own Me” by Lesley Gore
Dedicated By: Julie C.
Dedicated To: My Daughter

Song: “You Are My Sunshine”
Dedicated By: Missy Nieto
Dedicated To: My Niece

Song: “Music in My Mother’s House” performed by Vox Femina
Dedicated By: Dr. Iris Levine
Dedicated To: My Mother

For 16 years Vox Femina Los Angeles has given women voice through the performance of quality choral literature. Vox Femina is full-circle in the arts, committed to commissioning new works and raising awareness through music to create a world that affirms the worth and dignity of every person. On May 18 Vox will host the 1920s themed fundraiser “Definitely Deco: Monte Carlo Night at the ‘Black Bottom Club.'” For more information about Vox Femina Los Angeles, to make a donation, or to purchase tickets for the Definitely Deco fundraising event, call 310-922-0025 or visit VoxFeminaLA.org.

Editor’s Note – I do wish they had included the awesome “William Tell’s Mom’s Overture”that they performed three years ago. I laughed so hard I almost could not breathe, and it became a standard in our house for months.

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