West Culver Market Hall Still in Play

Plans surfaced five years ago for Market Hall, a new, environmentally-friendly “compound for food artisans, restaurants, farmer’s stalls, and more” at Washington and Centinela in Culver City–and then nothing happened. According to Curbed, the Westside’s 60,0000-square-foot answer to downtown LA’s Grand Central Market is not dead though; Culver City Times reports that the architect, developer, and the city’s traffic engineer recently met for a design workshop on the market. Other than refining the design specifics, it sounds like the market is also caught in the miasma that the death of the state’s redevelopment agencies left behind: “City staff is currently in the process of executing a six-month extension agreement to the project’s Schedule of Performance with Regency Centers to allow additional time for the Successor Agency’s Long Range Property Management Plan to be reviewed by the State Department of Finance” (meaning the state has to approve the plan from the group that took over redevelopment activity in Culver).

Meanwhile, aspiring chefs can still shop the weekly farmer’s market, or source ingredients all the way over in East Culver at Surfas…

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  1. I live on Neosho right off Washington, down from Centinela and all of the neighborhood has been waiting for this to begin…sorry to hear that yet again there looks like a long delay in store. Hoping it will be an added boast to all the good upgrades that have been taking place here. Look forward to more updates on this project. Thanks

  2. Too early in the morning–just noticed that was an April 2013 post!!! So can you update us more now. Thanks!

  3. Can you please update us on this project! Culver City has acquired and then sold a bunch of land outside of its city center and torn down buildings and left empty lots for the residents of Los Angeles to look at for the last 8 years. EIGHT YEARS! If the private sector remained in control of these properties there would have been something done with these from day one. Thanks for the urban blight Culver City. The Angelinos who actually reside around these empty lots on major commercial corners really do not appreciate your inept administration.

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