Dear Editor – Election Selection

Dear Editor,

In case you missed it, on February 19 (and again this morning) the Los Angeles Times endorsed Mike Eng, Jozef Essavi and Tom Oliver for the three Community College District Trustee offices on which we will be voting this Tuesday. (A welcome change from the election two years ago, when the Times ignored its own front page articles about construction fiascoes at the Colleges and declined to make any recommendations to the voters.)

I thought the reasoning behind the endorsements was quite persuasive, and I note that one of those endorsed (Jozef Essavi) was also a candidate two years ago. He made a very good impression when he appeared at the candidate forum the Culver Crest Neighborhood Association held for that election – saying all the right things about the Colleges needing to consider their impact on neighboring homeowners.

John Kuechle

The Actors' Gang

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