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Well, if Valentine’s Day was for lovers, Downtown Culver City is touting this Wednesday, February 20 as this month’s Third Wednesday “Singles Step Out” Happy Hour (actually 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.) complete with free samples, live music, dining and merchant specials. As the website puts it, “Who needs Cupid or Valentine’s Day? Singles can celebrate their own independence day, in a neighborhood that is always free-spirited, at Downtown Culver City’s annual Third Wednesday ‘Singles Step Out’ Happy Hour. Whether flying solo or hanging out with friends, there’s plenty to do and see for those who are happily unattached. Swing by and score on drink specials or dine on some guilty pleasures in the multiple single-friendly bars and restaurants located on tree-lined boulevards. Treat yourself to a unique indulgence at any one of the local boutiques, shops and art galleries while snagging free samples and merchant discounts. Be sure to check out the eclectic line-up of singer/songwriters performing at Seventy7 Lounge starting at 8:30 pm- featuring the progressive alternative sounds of Luna Achiary, Americana storyteller and folk artist Jonathan Morrow, the Afro-funk beats of Farai Futi and the “raw organic music” of the Wicked Saints.” Well, all we have to say is old marrieds are certainly welcome to check it out too!! See you there?
From the Rotary Club of Culver City’s “Reciprocator” editor, Andrew Sisolak, comes word that even though their program for the February 13 luncheon meeting might have sounded a bit down (in fact in hindsight Sisolak reflected that even the welcome song, led by Melissa Mooney, seemed a bit “funereal”), speaker Leigh Hetherington was able to provide some charm and laughter in describing Dignity Memorial’s Advanced Health Directives planning process. Fortunately, member Cartwright Sheppard was able to end the meeting with some laughter, covering topics “…including the Pope, the Mind, Viagra, and Teenagers.”
Also coming up this Wednesday, February 20 from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., Westside Unity Church continues with “The Five Principles Class,” facilitated by James Shields. BTW, the congregation knows how the activity of living, learning and growing can keep folks busy, but they’re looking for RSVPs to let them know just how many will be joining in for the installation of Rev. James Daly on Sunday, March 3rd at 2:00 pm. as Westside’s official Pastor! Replies are requested by Friday, February 22nd. Westside Unity, a Culver City spiritual community, is located at 10724 Barman Avenue, near Overland. Telephone (310) 8388-4761.
Wow – MORE on Wednesday, a little later, we might add – but nearby – local American Roots and Blues quartet “Hound Dog Dave and the Mel-tones” 
will be appearing at the Venice Whaler, 10:00pm – 1:00 am at 10 Washington Blvd., Venice. Drummer Sonny B. says be sure to “Try their pizza!” Then this Friday night, February 22, they’re journeying back all the way across the street to perform at Hinano Café, 15 Washington Blvd. Perfect time, too – 5:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. to enjoy the music and a fabled Hinanoburger. Dave will be on guitar at this show.
From the Culver City Garden Club comes word that TreePeople will be having a FREE Community Sustainability Workshop on Feb 23. Folks can RSVP via the TreePeople online calendar, and learn more by visiting http://blog.treepeople.org/home/2013/02/learn-landscape-really-green. TreePeople advises that you may have noticed that some years in Los Angeles County are wetter—or drier—than others. And in wet years you may also have noticed a lot of unfiltered water rushing off paved surfaces, into storm drains, and out to sea carrying whatever pollutants it washes over. So, not only are we losing water that could be captured for local use or returned to the ground for irrigation, we’re failing to clean it up before it enters our waterways. But even in times of drought, what little moisture falls from the sky can be harvested and put to use. Even better, you can start doing this at your own house and in your neighborhood. TreePeople will teach you how on Saturday, February 23, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., at their Coldwater Canyon Park headquarters. Space is limited, so register today to participate in this FREE workshop so YOU can be the positive change in your community and at your home.
…and for birthdays this week, the Oscars go to: Muriel Rothenberg, Sandy Cavanaugh, Brad Sick, Mary Lou Basaraba, Patti Baker, Larry Green, Ray Lanthier, Maribel Cortes, Paul Gomez, Mar Lyon, Rita Simonson, Deborah Kelfer, Colin Gibson, Dave Lyon, Lynne Lukert, Ken Rogers, Anna Yori, Ronnie Lemmi, John Greaves, Rachel Galloway, Kim Richards, Michael Kennedy, Tina Preciado, Heide Oglesby, Cheryl Sanchez ,Mary Davis, Chanel James, Roberta Jones, Romina Singson , Maria Uejo, Chenara Atan , Abby Chappell, Carolina Hiranand, Elaine Metzinger, and Brian Zydiak. Want to include your own or a friend or family member’s birthday in LOCALmotion? Let us know at [email protected].

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