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The solar Chinese New Year used in feng shui starts February 5th, and the lunar Chinese New Year, the traditional Chinese New Year, begins February 10 – and both dates signify a new beginning. the year of the Water Snake!

The solar new year – traditionally February 5th, is the date used in Chinese astrology four pillars – Chinese fortune telling & compass school flying star feng shui. On the New Year there are significant energy shifts based on mathematical calculations of the moon & sun. Masters from China calculate these numbers & convey to us positive/negative directions requiring annual cures. As you see, the energy is shifting, and the snake is already quite a year…

The lunar Chinese New Year, this year February 10 is the spring festival, marking the end of the winter season. It is traditional to clean the house of ill fortune & to eat certain foods for good luck (noodles for long life, melon for health, oranges for prosperity). In Black Hat Sect feng shui, practitioners customarily mark this date with transcendental cures to highlight the New Year.

When you combine knowledge – dimensions of time & space (compass school) and secrets of Taoist feng shui (Black Sect Tantric Buddhist school) – very powerful mental techniques, you have the ability to improve your presence in the environment & ride the gentle flow of life with a full and prosperous heart.

For 2013, the Year of the Snake,

The Snake can be the symbol of wisdom – and being wise is planning for the year before you act.

The Chinese animals who will be most challenged are the Snake, the Boar, and the Tiger.

On the plus side, the Monkey is the protector of the Year Snake and will have moderate good luck. The Ox & Rooster are special friends of the Year Snake and will enjoy good luck.

For the solar new year:

The South is good for prosperity and peach blossom (love).

The Northwest is good for wealth, power & authority in business, and can be enhanced with water. However there should be no construction or digging here this year.

For the lunar new year:

From the Black Sect Tantric tradition if appropriate transcendental cures — in particular the Golden Cicada — are performed, negative influences arising can be offset or averted.

To all of you, special blessings for the 2013 Year of the Water Snake,

Janet Mitsui Brown, www.thejoyoffengshui.com

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