CCFOL Looks to 2013 for a Lovelier Library

The Culver City Friends of the Library had more to talk about on Jan. 11 than the installation of the new board; plans to light the library with new fixtures, new furniture and custom book displays. “There are 84 libraries in [the Los Angeles County] system,” said ongoing co-president Nancy Kuechle “and we have visited 77 of them, researching what would be the best thing for the Julian Dixon.” With help from the county, Sony Pictures Entertainment( and you) our library will have a new look in the coming year.

“Of course, fundraising is a part of the picture,” said co-president Elaine Hirohama, “we’ll be talking to the membership and asking for their help.”

When Treasurer Wanda Anesh gave the annual report, she was delighted to offer that years of book sales had given the Friends a bank balance of more than $220,000 to start the furniture fund.

With a dinner catered by Santa Maria Bar-B-Que, and some charming and delightful music by guitarist Robert Earl Longley, (see video here IMG_0039)  the scene in the community room was both festive and relaxed. The membership of the Friends was invited inside the facility to browse the changes that have already happened at the library. The new reading area (which replaced the audio visual section on the far side of the check-out desk) is spacious and sleek, and the Book Sale room is (as ever) crowded with good titles and helpful tomes. New lower shelving in the Children’s Section is also helpful for allowing small readers to help themselves.

Mayor Andy Weissman was on hand (along with council member Jim Clarke) to swear in the board members for 2013, and awards for special recognition were presented to close the evening.

The Youth Volunteer of the Year, Isabellla Avincola, was praised by Kuechle for her years at the library. Avincola, in turn, offered her thanks to her parents, illustrating how the library is a wonderful place for families and a special spot in the community.

The last presentation of the evening was an award to the Senior Vice President for Global Corporate Social Responsibility at Sony Pictures Entertainment, the genuine and generous Janice Pober. A lei of still-unopened flowers, fresh off the plane from Hawaii, was gifted to Pober for her support. Referring to Longley, Pober quipped, “I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anyone play the guitar with two hands quite like that before.” Pober offered her praise to the librarians, the Friends, and the fund-raising for the furniture.

Giving with both hands is encouraged. Books can be donated to the library at the desk or the beige book drop outside the building, and more information about where to send monetary donations can be found at

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