Live Healthier Longer – Jan. 15

Want to feel better ? How about stepping up from new year’s resolution to long term resolution? Consider the role of telomeres in aging, and you might be making some very healthy changes. Best-selling author Peter Greenlaw (Why Diets are Failing Us) will be speaking on “Discover the Secret of Youthful Aging” from 7:30 to 9 at the Olympic Collection, 11301 West Olympic Blvd. in the Atruim Room on Jan. 15. Exploring the effect of nutrition on telomeres using scientific research Greenlaw can offer an understanding of how we age, and how we change.

Featured on ABC News and in Time magazine, Greenlaw has worked with Dr. William Andrews on ‘Successful Lengthening of Telomeres to Extend Human Lifespan.”

Street parking is free, parking in the structure is $7, For more info and to rsvp please go to

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